Friday, November 27, 2015

Read A Chapter A Night

The Martian by Andy Weir.

Recently, I finished reading The Martian. It was a great example of a book that you can read a chapter every night. It's an incredible story about survival on Mars which surprisingly has many humorous moments.

Author Andy Weir has a fabulous story. He wrote the book by offering it on his website chapter-by-chapter and then self-published by offering it for 99 cents on Amazon. Soon after, a literary agent, publishers and Hollywood came calling.

On October 2, 2015, The Martin was released as a film starring Matt Damon.

The film budget: $108 million.
The worldwide gross: $488.8 million.

Impressive. You never know what book idea will hit and when the timing will be right.

To the authors: keep writing.

To the readers: keep reading.

Congratulations to Andy Weir... hopefully, he's working on another novel.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The world is transforming by the day...

Where will we be in the year 2030?

LAST STATION BEFORE HEAVEN answers that question.

The ebook is discounted for Thanksgiving weekend on Amazon.

Novel Summary:  The year is 2030. Christianity is outlawed. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech are gone. The world is transformed. There are signs but the warnings are ignored.

Beware:  Judas and Jezebel are tracking you.

LAST STATION BEFORE HEAVEN is a thriller sprinkled with mystery in a world where people jeopardize everything in search of an underground salvation. The clock is ticking in a race against time. The Synthesizers are on the hunt to exterminate an entire generation of Seekers and Believers.

Sometimes it's easy to find the good in people.

Sometimes the line between good and evil is blurred even for the men of the cloth.

This narrative is documented to spread the message:
"There is hope. You are not alone. We are here."

May those who lead the way rest in peace.

Enjoy the novel...

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!